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Bellydancing in Mombasa Kenya

Bellydancer Kenya Mombasa

There is something about belly dancing in Africa that can’t be beat. It is the home land of dance, the homeland of man! And East Africa just has an excitement in the air and I love it. In the past i have worked as a bellydancer in Kenya: Nairobi and Mombasa, and Tanzania: Dar el Salaam and Zanzibar at the beginning of this year and loved every second. When I was invited by Zenix-Lounge (Z-Lounge) in Mombassa to dance for their 1st year anniversary … I didn't hesitate to accept and return to PARTY.

This was truly a brilliant trip. Everything about it was amazing I loved every second. Kenyans know how to throw a party. The atmosphere in the club what hot, fun and classy. The bar had an inside clubbing area and the outside seating area. This area was beautiful and with the heat of the country, it was bliss to sit out in in the evening, smoke shisha and chill to the afrobeats.

I was employed to celebrate their 1 year anniversary but also to stay the whole weekend and perform at several themed club nights: Arabian Nights, Africa and Carnival time.

Bellydancer Kenya Africa Mombasa Nairobi Uganda

The team and staff were amazing! they were so professional and polite. I instantly felt welcomed by them all and at ease. I especially love the two Kenyan women that were running the bar. It’s nice to see such women in power and they seriously knew their stuff! The owners, a trio, were so lovely and hospitable too - great guys. I was booked into a lovely hotel only 2min from the beach and for my whole stay they constantly ensured I was looked after.

The audience was fab on all the nights. In the balcony area I performed mostly to Arabic music; it sat well with the beautiful out-side settings and shisha. And for the times I danced inside I had great fun (defying death) dancing on the elaborate large bar. I danced to mostly what the guest DJs were playing, trying to always have bellydance elements to my moves but fusing in the style of the songs playing which for a lot of the time was: AFROBEATS WHICH I LOVE <3

There are so many highlights, I don’t know where to start but things like dancing with African fire dancers are memories that will never leave me.

On the last night, Saturday, the club night WENT on until the sun rose: 7am and still customers were chilling. I stayed and relaxed, at the end ONE of the managers took me to what she claimed WAS the best Swahili breakfast in the country SHE WAS RIGHT. We ate it right by Mombasa beach. I felt truly blessed to end my time in Lovely Mombasa in such paradise!

zenix lounge Mombasa Kenya Bellydancer

Zenix Lounge Kenya Mombasa

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