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​Zara Dance is an established and popular international belly dancer based in the UK & Egypt .

She is a dynamic exciting dancer who is half Egyptian and pulls on her Egyptian heritage to interpret and take the audience on a journey through the music. She currently works as a dancer in BOTH London and Cairo.

Zara has a vast performance experience including, films, TV dramas, cabaret & night clubs,  restaurants, belly dance haflas, corporate events, weddings, festivals, community events, theater shows, music gigs and even in schools.

Zara has stared in various music videos and bollywood films. Most recently, in Egypt, she starred in a Film along side famous shabbi singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim and in a Ramadan special TV drama featuring Dina and Haifa Web. 

Her dancing has taken her around the world - Zara has performed not only in the UK and Egypt but also vast amounts of East Africa including: Kenya (in both Nairobi and Mobassa) and Tanzania (in both Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar). Other countries she has worked in include Pakistan and Malta.

Zara is a much loved bellydance teacher - with regular sell out workshops across the UK - Including Oxford, Wales and London. If you would like to host Zara you can find out more here

Specializing in Egyptian: Baladi, Raqs Sarqi, Oriental, Fellahine, Saidi she is particularly loved for her Shaabi and Fego street dancing style.

She is also trained in various folkloric Algerian dances (and is part of the London Algerian Ballet), Iraqi and Turkish styles. She has quite a soft spot  Afrobeat dancing, Traditional African dance, Samba and for Salsa. She has trained with the Latin Collective and can often be found on the dance floor of London's salsa clubs.

Not only a dancer, Zara's talents extend to being a creative group choreographer, including being artistic director for Aladdin a massively successful bellydance production. She also runs Zara's Zouk, a very popular online bellydance shop, Book A Belly one of the UK best bellydance agencies  is editor and founder of Zameena, a monthly bellydance E-zine with 1000s of subscribers 

Zara Dance

Egyptian Belly Dancer

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