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Frequently Asked Questions 


Hopefully the questions and answers below will help you with any queries you may have quickly. If they don't please feel free to contact Zara Dance. 


Mob: 0790 624 0981 Email: 

Booking Zara Dance for your event

Most details can be found here, but if you still have questions maybe some of the answers below may help, failing that contact Zara:

How do I book you?


You can either call 07906240981 or email 
Please state the details of your event: Data, time, location, nature, dance space and anything else that may be of use. This makes a quote faster to allocate



What price do you charge?


This depends on the nature, location and performance wanted for the gig. A fair price that suites all will be quoted when you get in contact.


How long will the show / performance be?  


This depends on the type of event but one or two sets of around 15min + audience interaction time is recommended. (so totalling 20-40 min)


What costume will you wear? (can it be covered / a 2-peice)  


Once it is know who the audiance for the event will be (where they are from, age..) Zara Dance usually chooses an approprite outfit. HOWEVER you can request a certian costume if the dancer is requierd to completly cover up. You can also request a 2-peice costume and even a particular colour if you have a theme at your event. A costume change between sets can also be requested (and is usually standard).



Can you supply musicians - or more than one dancer?  


Yes.  If only a single drummer is needed or two dancers this can be arranged with very little notice. However, if more than 2 dancers are required and a complete band, you need to contact Zara Dance at least one month before your event. 

What dance style / music will you use? Can a certian prop be requested? 


Once it is know who the audiance for the event will be (where they are from, age..) Zara Dance usually picks approprite music and dance style and prop. HOWEVER you can request a certian dance style (Egyptian, Turkish, Iraqi) or particular song. 

A certain prop can also be requested 


Do you perform at all male events? 


NO -


Do you accept tips? 


Yes, if done in a fun manner.

Classes & Workshops with Zara Dance 


Most details can be found here, but if you still have questions maybe some of the answers below may help; failing that contact Zara:


Do you teach regular classes?


Currently I do not teach any regular group classes - However I do teach one on one private classes across London - either at your home, a rented studio or at my home studio. If you still would like group classes do email me and I am sure I can reccomend a good friend who teaches in your area.


How many classes will I need?


This is an impossible question to answer as it depends on your natrual ability, past experience and level you wish to attain. However, I usually batch my private classes into 8 week terms. By the end of 3 terms I hope to have covered all of the foundation moves.



Where will the class / party package take place?


For small private classes (group or one to one) there is the option of my home studio in North East London or your home. ( A mirror will be useful) 

For larger groups a studio is reocommended. This can be either provided by you or Zara can arrange one and the cost will be added to the price of the class. 


How much are private classes?


This varies on the nature, location and the level

REGULAR (at least once a week) classes at my home start at around £25/hr 

Coaching and one off tuition is more. 


Can you teach a workshop in my home town / for my students? 


Yes - if you would like to book me for a worshop in your area / for your students just email me and I will quote you for the workshop.



What kind of workshops do you teach? 


ANYTHING EGYPTIAN: Modern Cairo, Oriental, Baladi, Saidi, Shabbi, Fego, Fellaheen, Ghawazee, Alexandrian, Nubian..... 



CULTURAL, execution, history of dance styles, cultural understanding


PROPS: Veil, Stick, Malaya


If you want something not listed just contact me and I will tell you if I can do it!



Do  you teach one off classes / workshops for hen parties? 


Yes do check out the party packages page of the website for more details. 


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