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Shesensu - Can you really re-define FITNESS?

This is a blog about the new fitness craze Shesensu- have you tried it? Here's what I think!

Am I Bias?

Before I write this review, I have to admit that Tara, the creator of Shesensu, is my best friend, so you may be under the impression that I am going to be biased, but quite the opposite. It means I am even more judgmental. I come from one of those families that show love via criticism! We don’t lie to each other. I was very prepared to tell Tara to her face my honest opinion of her new workout concept, but instead I am leaving her in suspense and writing this review.

"New" Fitness Concept!?! Really? When Tara told me about her “new” fitness concept, Shesensu, a fusion of different fitness disciplines for an all-round workout, designed for women, I thought it sounded a little gimmicky. I mean, what in fitness hasn’t already been done? And anything “fusion” has me rolling my eyes regardless. Despite this I thought I would give it a chance because I know Tara well. When it comes to fitness she doesn’t mess around! She is one of the most well trained and qualified women in fitness I know of. She has trained properly and is officially qualified (not just self-acclaimed) in Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Aqua Sports and Barre. She has studied the body and muscles in great detail and passed rigorous testing to become a qualified masseuse, personal trainer and aromatherapist. When I have personal issues with my health, the first person I go to is Tara! Her suggestions HAVE ALWAYS worked, and I appreciate her PROFESSIONAL opinion. Oh, and she gives THE BEST MASSAGES I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED! Totally recommend you book her, when it’s possible!

Taking the class So, I took one of Tara’s Shesensu classes ONLINE LIVE ON ZOOM (Wed 6pm GMT & Sat 11am GMT) … and here is what I have to say about it.

Truly, it is DEFINITELY SOMETHING different. I didn’t think it was possible to re-invent the wheel, but Tara has done it! This was a workout that was like no other I have experienced! It was well balanced and rounded - yess like she claims. There were many different elements within the work out, pulling from different disciplines, but don’t be fooled, this wasn’t a random mishmash. You can tell Tara had thought about every movement and section and all were there for a reason. She has used her 18+ years’ experience in the fitness industry to really pick what is important and makes for an all-round work out.

IT'S NOT EASY And I must warn you, this was no wishy-washy work out. You may be fooled by the name, or the fact that it is “designed” for women’s bodies, into believing that this work-out was going to be easy! IT WASN’T! Be prepared for everything, stretching, cardio, muscle building and more. Even ME, someone who considers themselves some what of an intermediate/pro in dance and yoga, found it a challenge. Some moves she gave variations for a simpler alternative. I needed them. I would even propose she add a few more easy suggestions for the less fit. However, saying that, everyone in the class (a wide range of women of ALL ages and sizes) seemed to be doing AMAZING and following along brilliantly!

The different sections I loved that there was a section that worked with your legs in parallel AND a section which worked in turn out! Tara applied her dance and Barre training well. It gave a brilliant all-round work out for the lower body! I recommend it for everyone but ESPECIALLY dancers. The workout also includes a floor section of serious a muscel building.

The music throughout the work-out was uplifting. Tara picks and plans it specifically for each class. It gave me drive when I was feeling the burn. Also, Tara’s enthusiasm and down to earth attitude keeps you going. There is a reason this woman has been such a successful fitness instructor for so long – she really supports you throughout! Another feature which was different, and that I loved, was how there were sections that really connected to the more raw, animalistic, feminine, and spiritual aspects of your body as well as the physical. Some of the stretch flow sequences were almost art, bordering on contemporary dance. It is at this point I should mention that Tara has also worked as a professional dancer and dance instructor for many years. These flows challenged your mind and coordination. I felt a massive release moving in this way! It makes the workout as much mentally beneficial as physically valuable. This, I really want to emphasise, as I feel it is what a proper work out should be! We should do exercise for the feel-good aspect, not just physical reasons! It was really empowering and, I think Tara (or you yourself) could push this more by adding affirmations, or a single affirmation to each workout.

How I Feel After At the end of the first session, I can definitely say that Tara delivered what she had promised: A full, well rounded workout, that YES I felt honed my body as a woman. In the following days and after the second session, I could see the results (YES, THAT FAST) it had toned me and mentally, I felt good!

I am someone who genuinely HATES WORKOUTS!! Especially online but this one has left me HOOKED and wanting more! You will definitely be seeing me in more of her classes. I hope to see you too!

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