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BELLYDANCE at your wedding

bellydancer wedding egyptian arabic wedding bellydancer wedding

I have danced at a lot of weddings and every time I have left on a high. I may be bias, but I really believe nothing beats a bellyancer / zaffa (traditional bellydance precession) for getting the party going. A belly dancer has everything needed for a wedding.

Why is it the best form of entertainment for your wedding? Below I share just why I think it is so good and is always received so well, wherever I have performed!

It is just so different!

Lets be honest whether you are from a Arabic/Turkish background or not – you don’t see a bellydancer every day and even if you do your guest definitely don’t. Noting is going to catch their attention more THEY ARE GOING TO BE WOWED and IMPRESSED! They make take other types of entertainment, such a band or magician for granted, something that they have seen before or take as a standard for a wedding. A bellydancer however will grab their attention. THEY WILL REMBER THIS and will definitely be telling EVERYONE the next day.

It is a short burnt of fun that doesn’t dominate your day.

A Typical bellydance show at a wedding is usually a 15-25min shows /zaffah with PLENTY of interaction. This amount of time is perfect. It is long enough to make a big impact and for your guests and for them to feel they got a great show – but also it is short enough that it doesn’t dominate over your wedding! Let’s be honest a wedding is about you and your partner – the bride and groom and spending time with them not a show that goes on for hours. With a bellydance show to get you on the dance floor, you are left to enjoy the rest of the evening with your guests and have a great time.

bellydancer wedding egyptian arabic wedding bellydancer wedding

There is LOTS of audience interaction!

Most forms of entertainment can be quite boring- you watch and are not involved …. And at a wedding there will be a LOT of watching from your guests, they won’t be involved much with the ceremony, the speeches and the cake cutting. Though it is lovely to watch these things it is also great to compliment this with some form of entertainment that they are PART OF. A bellydance show/zaffah typically consist of half performance and half audience interaction with the dancer / dancers going in to the audience, bringing up the bride groom and all the guest to dance. This is exciting and fun. IT ALSO LIGHTENS THE HUMOR, there will always be a few guest ready to try and wiggle, which will make everyone lighten up and feel less embarrassed themselves: SO THEY ARE MORE LIKELY TO GET UP AND DANCE either then or later in the night.

A bellydance show is FLEXABLE and EASY to arrange:

Let’s be honest a wedding is stressful to organise – the beauty of having a bellydancer(s) is that they are pretty self-sufficient. You don’t have to worry about them setting up massive equipment or if venue is ok for the entertainment. A bellydance performance / zaffa can be performed just about anywhere. Belly dancers are versatile they can dance in as big or as small of space as required! And will get the best out of the audience whoever they are. You have so much to worry about on your wedding day the belly dancer is not one of them.

It’s traditional

This is the beautiful thing of bellydance. It has been a tradition for centries in middle eastern countries to have a bellydancer at your wedding. To have a form of entertainment that Is not only enjoyable, fun an modern but that is based in history and traditional is something so special you cant not have at your big day.

If you want to book a bellydancer OR SEVERAL BELLYDNACERS and even a Zaffah band with several drummers then get in touch !!

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