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Bellydancer London

I just love being a belly dancer in London. I have been a bellydancer in London for years now and I never tier of it. It is just so full of life.

The thing that makes belly dancing in London that is so exciting, is the VARIITY. I love the diversity of people and places. The hustle and bustle of getting from one gig to another also keeps you on your toes and life exciting.

With in a typical busy night I can dance at 4 or 5 gigs in different areas of London and for a variety of types of gigs. And when I say variety I mean it. I can easily go from dancing in a small back street shisha lounge in East London to massive luxury hotel in the West End – all in one night. I have danced for the rich and even the extremely rich. It’s exciting you can never really know what your gig is going to be like until you get there, no matter how much it has been discussed. You often have to think on your feet and be creative in your dance, adapting quickly to weird dancing venues and stages – also to no conventional audiences.

I feel that with in just one night of working in London it can feel as though you have been around the world. I have danced at Turkish wedding, somalin celebration, African night clubs, Arab shisha bars, Asian henna parties and so much more… and each time you dance at events like this, you feel as though you are let into their world and given an inside look at their communities. A taste of their life you would otherwise be unaware of. You get to share special moments with them and at most treasured celebrations.

And no matter how long you have been dancing in London you never know what to expect. What exciting journey / adventure the next gig brings – to me there is nothing that can beat it!!

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