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Two Bellydancers - best friends

December 27, 2015


I feel overwhelmed with luck. Bellydance hasn’t just lead me to love my body, express myself and financially support my life …. It has also lead me to find my best friends.

My best friend, house mate and the first person I go to in any trouble is Azin a fellow bellydancer. I met her when we were both asked to join a new bellydance troupe in London. For me this was no effort, I lived in London and were we met for rehearsals was only a 20 min journey. Azin however would travel down every weekend to rehearsals from Birmingham.


At first the troupe rehearsals ran fine but after only the first two or three sessions there was a considerable drop off in the number of people attending. By about the 5th one the only people that were showing up were me and Azin !!! Even the person who set up the troupe wasn’t there!

We ended up sitting in the studio and chatting – Azin mentioned she wanted to train in Egypt but wanted someone to go with. I said I would be up for it NEVER expecting it would ever happen. However, I under estimated her pure drive to achieve anything she set her mind on. Within a month’s time I was QUITTING MY JOB and packing to go and live in Egypt for a month with her.

That time in Egypt was one of the most exciting times of my life. And in short we fell in love as best friends. Since then we have been inseparable, we now live together in London and as work as successful bellydance duo.




Working as a bellydance duo has been so fun. We have become very popular, being booked to perform at events such as weddings, birthday parties, festivals, corporate events, fashion shows, shisha lounges, night clubs, henna parties and more….


As two bellydancers we have grown and worked together. Exploring different styles with each other and coming up with different choreographies. We have put together choreographies for styles that include, Egyptian Shabbi, Cabert, Khaleegi, Iraqi, drum solos, veil, wings, Egyptian folkloric styles such as Alexandrian, Malaya leff and sooo much more.


We have had lots of fun buying and making matching costumes and creating exciting interactive choreographies.


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